Starting the year off with some fun interest coming from across the pond. Must be that Jennifer Lopez song we’ve been singing…”London to Ibiza…” Stay tuned!
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Paris @ La Grand Epicerie

Follow your dreams! Mine, to be a successful cookie maven is keeping me happy and busy. A letter to Dean & Deluca about my first Bunches & Bunches product, Cloud Cookies, and a year later so much has transpired.

At the end of 2011, I sent the Cloud Cookies overseas for the first time. A friend visiting Paris posted this photo of them at at Le Bon Marche La Grand Epicerie. We were so delighted to see them via her blog! Bunches of love Pam, hope you continue to enjoy your adventures as well.
I am the luckiest person in the world because I am preparing to fulfill a lifelong dream….that being the opportunity to live abroad for a significant period of time. I plan to spend time with friends, study French, take a few cooking classes and explore.
From Pam’s blog, Meet Me in the Marais


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Bailey’s Biscuits In The Magazine Isle For The First Time!

Bunches & Bunches makes it into the magazine isle (one of my favorite places) for the first time and twice this month! Cloud Cookies are featured in the recent issue of More Magazine and Bailey’s Biscuits are the Editor’s “picks for December” in Sunset Magazine (Thank you Katie Tamony, Editor-in-chief, and her dog Luna, we’re so happy you enjoy them!). You can buy Bailey’s Biscuits at our online store or at several locations like Alder & Co. in Portland, OR (one of my favorite places to find pretty treasures!). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Bailey’s Dog Biscuits

Sending out Bailey’s Dog Biscuits to Pane d’Amore & hand delivering to Alder & Co. today (plus bringing a few home to my pack of three!). Photo from Yael Miller/Miller Creative who produced our lovely dog packaging.


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Going To Paris (Cloud Cookies!)

A little while ago someone in Paris contacted me (out of the blue) about carrying my Cloud Cookies at the gourmet food and wine store connected to Le Bon Marche, you can imagine my delight. Cloud Cookies across the pond! Last week we sent the first shipment to Paris (I hope you will send me a photo of them if you are in that neighborhood!). And icing on the cake, yesterday we just found out that they are not only about to be in the store, they are also featured on the home page of La Grande Epicerie website! Much to celebrate around here at Bunches & Bunches.

Here’s a fun blog I stumbled upon, HiP Paris, describing the store:

La Grande Epicerie de Paris: Imagine 30,000 gourmet products from around the globe culled in one expansive, well-lit space: A patisserie case containing a rainbow of macarons, chocolate truffles and sugar dusted tartes aux fruits made on-site…”(read more from HiP Paris Blog)

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Cloud Cookies In More Magazine

We are so happy to see Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies featured in the December 2011 issue of More Magazine in the article 50 Perfect Gifts – All Under $50. More says,

“…this year we hunted up the coolest gifts at the best prices (yes, we were picky). And for those special folks who merit a bit more? We’ve thrown in some STELLAR SPLURGES.”

The Cookies are on page 105 of the magazine titled, Indulge – Tantalizing Treats To Tempt All Taste Buds: 

Number 12 of the 17 “tantalizing” items on the page, “Heavenly Cookies Meringue + macaroon = Cloud Cookies.”

Photo: Pai (Tamalpais Roth McCormick) owner, chef, and creator of Cloud Cookies.

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Autumn Celebrating

A beautiful photo of the Cloud Cookies by my friend at Style Jackson Hole:
Author of a number of style books and magazine articles about Western culture, I love combining pictures and words to tell a story. – Elizabeth Clair Flood/writer and photographer
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Cloud Cookies Go To The Emmys

Cloud Cookies made it to the Emmys! They were included in the celebrity gift bags at the Style Lounge. An honor for us and we hope a delicious treat for those who tasted.


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Bailey Love

Meet Bailey…my first dog and for whom my first dog cookies are named. You would love him too. A great guy.
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Bunches & Bunches Dog

The evolution of my dog cookies and the beautiful packaging… from Yael Miller at Miller Creative LLC. You can purchase Bailey’s Biscuits from my online store or from several shops around the country.
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