Going To Paris (Cloud Cookies!)

A little while ago someone in Paris contacted me (out of the blue) about carrying my Cloud Cookies at the gourmet food and wine store connected to Le Bon Marche, you can imagine my delight. Cloud Cookies across the pond! Last week we sent the first shipment to Paris (I hope you will send me a photo of them if you are in that neighborhood!). And icing on the cake, yesterday we just found out that they are not only about to be in the store, they are also featured on the home page of La Grande Epicerie website! Much to celebrate around here at Bunches & Bunches.

Here’s a fun blog I stumbled upon, HiP Paris, describing the store:

La Grande Epicerie de Paris: Imagine 30,000 gourmet products from around the globe culled in one expansive, well-lit space: A patisserie case containing a rainbow of macarons, chocolate truffles and sugar dusted tartes aux fruits made on-site…”(read more from HiP Paris Blog)

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