shorties with cookies

“These shortbread cookies are the best we’ve ever had. The delicate texture and rich buttery sweetness bring all our English teatime fantasies to life.” –

Bunches & Bunches Equals Love…

We realize we have yet to really introduce this new cookie on our website, it is truly special:

“As with all of our goods and treats, love is the most precious ingredient. Every batch of my Shorties – an irresistibly delicious and delightful cookie for those who enjoy the sweet life – is full of bunches and bunches of love. Shorties are a celebration of the timeless shortbread cookie. The delicate texture and combination of rich butter and subtle sweetness is simply scrumptious. I hope you will fall madly in love with my charming version of this classic cookie.” – Tamalpais, Bunches & Bunches


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